VRTerra - Social VR Esports Platform
VRTerra - Social VR Esports Platform

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"VRTerra is the first real social VR application that elevates the landscape of fantasy sports.
Meet new friends with similar interests while watching live esports
Play/Watch your favorite games to earn character props and lobby gear
Win real-life rewards and money by challenging your friends in and outside of VR."

My responsibilities for VRTerra are everything you see on the art side. I work on all of the 3D assets, textures, animations, lighting, cut scenes, and even the logo!
I am also in charge of the product requirements for what we are building within the application.
For this application, the art direction was heavily focused on the retro 80's / synthwave aesthetic, and i wanted to bring that to an Esports virtual arena / Bar.

The social VR experience has elements which involve a companion application in which users could communicate, spectate tournaments, or compete. Users are rewarded in the application from competing on our platform in the form of avatar items, unique visual effects (for example, when they arrive in a lobby), and several other cool features!

The air hockey table is one of the examples of assets which i created that are used for gameplay within the VR experience that users can earn rewards for.

I used Maya, Substance Painter / Designer, Photoshop, Unity, Adobe Premiere

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